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Security Support Services are able to offer a range of services, maintenance & repairs to all Cabinet X-rays. Specializing in Astrophysics Inc. and Faxitron Systems


Security Support Services carry a complete set of spares for both Astrophysics inc., Faxitron and older EG & G Astrophysics x-ray systems. We also carry a large range of Barringer 400 B spares.
Security Support Services has a complex workshop where we are able to carry out local repairs to all x-ray systems currently maintained.
Security Support Services are approved to carry out compliance testing for all x-ray systems for customers.
Security Support Services are licensed in all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand to sell, posses and maintain Cabinet X-ray and sealed source Isotopes.

It has a fully approved Radiation Safety Officer and offers clients this support and can prepare Radiation Safety Plans to suit your needs.

Security Support Services holds Master Security Licenses.

Security Support Services offers Radiation Safety & Awareness training courses which are approved by ARPANSA.

X-ray training and recognition is part of our training services using DVD – CD packages.

Testing Devices
Security Support Services manufacture and sell Department of Infrastructure  approved test pieces (AM – 3) used to test Walk Through Metal Detectors.

We are able to supply the latest test piece for testing X-ray systems the F792 – 01e2 with carry case. Please call for pricing.











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